The Medicinal Chemistry Group (NEQUIMED) is composed by students from the chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology fields. Hence, our group members (post-docs, PhD, MSc. and undergrad students) have background in different fields, running research projects in medicinal chemistry. All students and researchers are sponsored by State or Federal funding agencies (CNPq, CAPES, FAPESP). Volunteers are also welcome in our lab.

It is highly recommended for beginners in the medicinal chemistry field that someone should:

1. recognize that simply knowing things by hart is not enough (knowledge is different than taking notes and memorization);

2. emphasize the process of thinking and brainstorming a problem or question;

3. be prepared to this multitask world;

4. known that medicinal chemistry is a multidisciplinary area;

5. have perseverance, study a lot, be audacious, be communicative;

6. read, understand and interpret textbooks and scientific articles written in English;

7. learn how to do group work;

8. be anger to contribute to the development of the pharmacotherapy.

… and much more!